Review: Chicago Fire (Season 2, Episode 1)


 It’s hot, it’s cruel, it’s romantic: Chicago Fire is back with Season 2. Our favorite hotties Lieutenant Matt Casey, Lieutenant Kelly Severide, Gabby Dawson, Leslie Shay, Candidate Peter Mills, Chief Boden and the rest of Firehouse 51 have returned to rescue Chicago in new spectacular missions.

Season 1 left us in despair for Casey, whose ex-wife died in a fire and for Mills and Gabby who broke up, for Kelly whose ex Renée is unexpectedly pregnant and for Shay who desperately wants a baby but is not able to get one – well, while all this misery from Season 1 is mostly left behind, Season 2 is not at all sunshine and roses…

Firehouse 51 is under fire. While other houses of Chicago have already been shut down, Firehouse 51 is on the shortlist, too. Gail McLeod, a consultant sent from the headquarters gives Chief Boden a hard time, accusing him for not working sufficiently enough and not making the best decisions for the team. While she is crunching numbers, Kelly Severide catches the serious attention of a fire bug who apparently has a personal problem with him. A blazing basement becomes almost a death trap for Kelly, but this is not his only concern: # 1751, his batch number is sprayed on this house. Shortly after, his car gets smashed just in time for two new squad members Jeff Clark and Lieutenant Spellmann from shut-down Firehouse 33 to witness. Instantly, just by looking at their faces, you get a sense that something is wrong with these guys (cute guys never play bad in Chicago Fire.)

While there is a lot going on at the firehouse, private life of the rescue team does not get much of a rest. Casey has barely recovered from the loss of one of his best friends and colleagues Andy Darden who died in a fire last year, when he has to witness a new tragedy: After a night out with her girlfriends, Andy’s wife Heather, now widow, is involved in a car accident which ends deadly for one of her girlfriends and she gets marched off in handcuffs. Now Casey is in charge of two boys, but then there is Dawson who does not leave his side and helps out where she can – as a friend of course. Kelly on the other hand loses his unborn child when Shay suggests he should do the maths properly: Renée’s due date and their last intimacy do not quite add up…

Molly’s Bar experiences a bit of a dead calm, when ‘Game Day’ opens its doors across the street and Dawson, Otis and Herrmann are desperate to get their customers back. Well, Herrmann and Otis are, Dawson flirts with the last remaining customer… so not all is bad. Mouch decides to run for Union President against Sullivan, when his beloved Asian girlfriend Mari assures him, that “in her culture men with narrow eyes are destined to do great.”

You can definitely speak of a dramatic beginning of a new season. It gives many hints which direction the follow-up episodes might take for each character and especially since Kelly Severide and Matt Casey are the centre of attention again, you can expect plenty of tension. The main theme is again fellowship and family, if one’s own or the firehouse family, so no surprises here. All in all, season 2 of Chicago Fire provides smooth entertainment as usual, and especially the female audience will be happy to see those oily abs and sweaty, suntanned faces back on screen for a new season.

Chicago Fire is broadcasted every Wednesday 8pm on Sky Living.


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  1. Kirstie Carter on

    I love this series, it’s so tense and dramatic! I love all the characters, and I was glad to see some more of Jesse Spencer post House. It can sometimes be in too much of a hurry to get through story lines though, some of them are over too quickly and could do with fleshing out. It still has to be one of the most gripping shows on TV though, and vastly underrated!

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