Love On Tour: My Memories of Harry Styles’ Summer Shows


Missing Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour’ now it’s over *sniff*? Have major FOMO because you couldn’t go? Join the club! That voice. That face. This isn’t a mag dedicated to Harry Styles but if it were, honey I’d be in my element of indulging in Mr Styles content.

I’ve seen Harry Styles’ ‘Love On Tour’ a record amount of times. Want to know how? Instagram. Yes, I have major FOMO at being unable to see Harry Styles irl especially since this tour provided so many special moments. But guys, those tickets are like gold dust and the heart-breaking realisation quickly kicked in that I wouldn’t make it to this tour (*sniffs* hold on, I need a moment). So what do you do when you won’t see Harry? The internet takes centre stage!

It’s been two years since the beginning of the tour, and in that time, Harry has won two Grammys, cleaned up at the Brits with four awards and starred in two award-winning movies. He’s sported many-a fruit-based outfit often bedazzled in glitter or sequins and in doing so challenged traditional gender stereotypes. Inspiring members of the audience to do the same.

What’s shone through the screen is the community and safety concert-goers feel being themselves in the arena. A brief glance at social media will show you examples, from dads wearing a replica of Harry’s ‘Harry-ween’ Dorothy costume, to a mass of feather boas and pink cow-person hats. LGBTQ+ flags are worn as capes whilst some fans make their own outfits from scratch. There’s an overwhelming feeling of acceptance in the arena. In one clip from Harry’s recent concerts in Germany, a fan’s sign read ‘I sold foot pics to get here!’ to which Harry replies “If you’re looking for judgement, this isn’t the place you’re gonna get it!”, proving that the LOT arena is a safe space to be yourself.

‘Harry Styles Love on Tour’, by Lovclyhes, via WikiMedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Guaranteed moments: Styles’ concerts are a unique celebration each night. However, die-hard followers will know of moments that are guaranteed. For example, Harry will most likely lose the microphone or be tangled by the long cord. You’ll recognise dance breaks with Styles’ signature dance moves: two thumbs up moving in circular motions across his chest. Punching the air and the iconic “satellite stomps” with lights changing to emphasise each beat. Harry matches the songs’ energy 10/10 each night. “Matilda” is an emotional affair whilst “Treat People with Kindness” will see him jumping around to the routine (Google it. You won’t be disappointed!). His “cocaine, side boob, choker with a sea view” mime moment during ‘Keep Driving’ will remain a signature staple. The energy bursts through the screen and as much as the FOMO really hits at this point, It’s exciting seeing the euphoria. 

UK Harry fans are ensuring that we won’t have to wait for more home tour dates in the future. We’ve made that clear from the “leave America!” outbursts. What started off as a lyric in ‘As It Was’ has turned into a rather loud heckle that even Styles was surprised by at the beginning of the tour. The shout is performed all around the world except America where there’s a comical plateau across the lyric. The reason? We simply want our UK treasure to come home. He’s spent far too long away leaving a large grape(juice) size hole in our hearts.

‘Harry Styles Love on Tour’, by Leticia Morae, via Flickr (CC BY- SA 2.0)

The fan signs! Oh to be at a Harry Styles concert and have him read out your handmade sign. A plethora of people visit Love On Tour, each with a story to tell. Some are pregnant and hoping that the main man will reveal their baby’s gender and/or name the unborn child. Some call him Daddy which isn’t at all related to the previous sentence.

Others with hilarious and sometimes informative remarks. One sign read ‘If this is your house, why are we paying rent?’ which had him smiling speechless. Helping fans come out with their sexual orientation. Cuing up ‘Some fast, punk rock, bisexual music’. Who can forget ‘Tina, she’s gay!’? Being teased with the question ‘Is it still a family show?’. Those unzipped chest-revealing jackets say otherwise.

Fan projects: Fans have every involvement in making the evening special with their collaborative fan projects. During the still moments of Matilda, a heart balloon is released into the air as the audience watches it drift into the abyss. More wildly, flowers are thrown on stage during Grapejuice timed with the lyrics “I was on my way to buy some flowers for you”. (NB: We don’t condone chucking things as we’ve seen it’s caused various minor injuries). During the last tour days in Frankfurt, fans used a light technique during Keep Driving where lights are raised and dropped between each line of the bridge.

‘Harry Styles Love on Tour’, by Leticia Morae, via Flickr (CC BY- SA 2.

As much as Harry provides uplifting music with meaningful messages and contagious dancing, it’s his skill of bringing strangers together to enjoy a night of fun and silliness which is the most special of all.  I can only hope that one day I get to witness this magic in person. Until then, I’ll be catching the second-hand euphoria on Instagram and what a great thing to be able to do in the meantime! 


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