Caity Baser @ O2 Guildhall, Southampton review: unmatched energy and authenticity makes her one to watch


Caity Baser's electrifying performance captivates audience with authenticity and energy.

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Southampton’s Caity Baser made her grand return to the city this month as part of her ‘Still Learning’ tour at the O2 Guildhall. While Caity admitted this show was particularly special to her, being in her home city, it is fair to say she would be at home on any stage. Her stage presence was next to none, with an energy that even Harry Styles would be jealous of, and her refreshingly candid stories between songs were characteristically outrageous and joyful. There is no doubt in my mind that I was watching a born performer.

Kickstarting the setlist with the opening song from her ‘Still Learning’ album, ‘I’m A Problem,’ was the perfect tone setter for an evening of what can only be described as chaos. Weaving moments of vulnerability between brutality witty songs such as ‘DILF’ and ‘Leave Me Alone,’ Caity held the audience in the palm of her hand for the entire evening. While she may not hold the same grandeur status of other big names in the industry, it is exactly that which made her so enjoyable to watch. Caity doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. She has an excellent singing voice, which could no doubt be utilized in ballads. However, Caity’s setlist remains undoubtedly authentic; rejecting mainstream pop stereotypes, in favour of her sharp lyrics and fun songs, perfectly corresponding to her infectious personality.

Caity brought the coming of age experience to life in a way which few have done before her. A joyous performer, showcasing her first album, ‘Still Learning’ perfectly encapsulates where Caity is at in her career. While she may not be the most well-polished performer yet, she certainly has the potential to be a big name in the music industry. As she will be performing her first Glastonbury set this summer, I would encourage all lovers of pop, and all lovers of fun for that matter, to keep an eye out for her future performances.

Caity Baser’s latest mixtape ‘Still Learning’ is out now.


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