Review: Heroes Reborn (Season 1, Episode 3)

Fails to improve

The writing remains abysmal while the actors continue to give half-hearted performances. However, the ending suggests there's potential for future improvement.

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In the third episode of Heroes Reborn we follow the storylines of Noah Bennet, Carlos Gutierrez and Miko Otomo, as they each carry on with their respective journeys. We find Noah desperately trying to fill in the blanks from June 14th 2014, as he stumbles across footage which makes him question his own memory. Meanwhile Carlos has begun his quest for vengeance, Tommy breaks the rules in a bid for a normal night out, and Miko fights to escape the building within which she finds herself a prisoner.

Sadly, this series does not seem to have improved thus far, as the script remains abysmal and the fight scenes do not inspire excitement. Instead, these scenes seem overly staged, jarring the audience out of the action instead of drawing them in. The writing did not improve from the first episode, as it maintained its dull and repetitive nature, forcing audiences to listen to dialogue so obvious and basic that even the actors can only say them half-heartedly. Such lines as “I’ve been shot” and “why is this happening to me?” make the viewer sigh from sheer boredom, as key moments in the episode fall flat, failing to capture the audience’s attention when they should be most invested.

What most stood out to me in this episode was the quality of acting, as it seemed to worsen as the show went on.  I struggled to discern whether this was due to the script that the actors were chained to, or whether the actors really were that bad. As I have seen many of these actors in other, more entertaining performances, such as Dylan Bruce in Orphan Black, I have concluded that it is far more likely that this script really is just awful.

Perhaps the only truly convincing performance in this episode was that of Robbie Kay, who plays Tommy Clark. His performance so far has been the most entertaining and I have hope for the future of his storyline. Indeed, his storyline is the only one which seems to have improved since the last episode, with less clichés than before and with a key plot twist which might throw his whole life into disarray.

Thankfully, all is not yet lost, as this episode’s cliffhanger ending suggests there might still be hope for a dramatic improvement to the show. In fact, the events which transpire in this week’s episode will have dire consequences for all and I admit to looking forward to how they will be handled in the next episode.

Heroes Reborn airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5STAR.


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