Review: Heroes Reborn (Season 1, Episode 4)

An Improvement

Heroes Reborn finally seems to be improving, with this episode proving to be an enjoyable watch.

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In the most recent episode of Heroes Reborn, viewers will be pleased to find that a miracle seems to have occurred as finally, after what seems like a lifetime, the show appears to be improving. This is not to say that episode four was perfect, but it was certainly an improvement on what preceded it. It was refreshing to watch an instalment that had pace and action, as we find all the characters well into their adventures and for the first time I found myself invested in their storylines.

This episode had all kinds of dramatic twists for our heroes, as Tommy’s desperate attempt to save his mother’s life results in him being found by the government. Meanwhile Miko and Ren arrive in America and begin enacting their plan to rescue Miko’s father and Noah and Quentin break in to Renautas’ headquarters, only to have their plans unravel.

Though the writing is not perfect here, it does seem to have improved upon the previous episodes. There are less clichés this time and I’ll even admit to laughing with the show for once, rather than at it. As the writing has improved, the actors have been allowed to come into their own, presenting three dimensional characters rather than the cardboard cut outs we have endured previously. This improvement in writing, and subsequently in acting has had a pleasing effect on the show, as viewers can finally enjoy the storylines and begin to truly invest in the characters. Indeed, the show finally draws its audience in, as we worry for the fates of both Tommy and his mother, hope for the success of Noah and Quentin and grow excited for the upcoming battle between Miko and her father’s prisoners. At the same time as we learn more about Malina and Farah, we grow more curious, fearing the impending genocide that they seem to expect.

As ever Tommy’s romance with Emily is adorable and certainly a highlight. Viewers can’t help but smile at the kindness and compassion that Emily shows Tommy as she helps him to save his mother’s life. The way that she embraces his Evos status is a refreshing change from the hatred and brutality which we see from Joanne and Luke, who continue their killing spree against all Evos. Yet just as we had given up on them as evil monsters, they show their all too painful humanity, and we witness the divergence of their paths and the breakdown of their marriage. Similarly, our perception of Taylor changes as she switches sides, becoming instrumental in Noah and Quentin’s break in. Ultimately, the character who seems to have come into their element the most is Erica Kravid, the evil queen of the empire, who fills her role as the villain to perfection. Her bigoted, hateful ideology and ruthless methods provide the audience with the ideal target for its fury, as she seems devoid of any forgivable qualities, even treating her daughter like a disposable pawn whose only use is to serve her.

Thankfully it would seem that Heroes Reborn is finally improving, as the acting and writing allowed for an enjoyable episode. The plot twists place our characters in very exciting positions and it will be interesting to see how they handle their situations in the future.

Heroes Reborn airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5STAR.


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