Review: Heroes Reborn (Season 1, Episode 11)


The pace increases as our characters come into contact with each other and continue on their journey to Odessa.

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This episode opens with Malina and Luke discussing their plans for the days leading up to the apocalypse, as Erica’s henchmen chase close behind. Meanwhile, Tommy and Miko’s storylines overlap, as the latter saves the former from the future Erica has hidden him in. The pace that is set from the very beginning reflects the speed at which everything is happening in the characters worlds and highlights how close we are to the grand finale.

It would seem that Erica becomes more monstrous and insane every episode and this week is no different. Having had most of her plans scuppered by Miko, losing Tommy was the last straw and the antagonist has now become even more desperate and psychotic than before. This becomes apparent early in the episode, as she threatens to kill Hachiro Otomo’s daughter right in front of him. Her tired speech about doing what is best for humanity returns again when she seeks to persuade Tommy that she is in the right, yet it is mind-boggling that no-one has yet realised she refers to humankind, but never evos. This frustrates the audience, as we watch her convince everyone of her brilliance and generosity, while only we seem to know the truth.

Another character who seems beyond forgiveness at this point is Matt Parkman, who refused Taylor and the Haitian’s attempts at peace. Instead, he chose to shoot the Haitian in the head and take Taylor hostage, effectively going beyond the point of no return. This Matt Parker is certainly not the man we knew in Heroes and it is hard to watch him now and think he was ever on the right side.

In this episode, Carlos and Farah have finally escaped Matt’s grasp and successfully hunt down Micah, who they believe will help them track down Tommy and Malina. Fans from the original show will remember Micah as Niki Sanders young son, who could manipulate the digital world. Now all grown up, he is the leader of the evo resistance group, however he has spent the past few years as Erica’s prisoner and so has been unable to help his people with their plight.

Malina and Luke come very close to death in this episode, after Erica sends her men to kill them. Unaware of Phoebe’s abilities, they initially believe that they can fight them with their powers, however it soon becomes apparent that this is not the case, resulting in Luke bravely staying behind to hold them off with his gun. While the show-runners have been building Luke up episode by episode to seem courageous and kind, this moment tops them all, as it portrays him as more heroic than perhaps any other evo in the whole show, suggesting that he will play a significant role in stopping the apocalypse.

This episode did not unearth a significant amount of surprises or new information, yet is did increase the pace of the show and brought many characters into contact with each other. This suggests that next week’s episode will see our heroes making the hard decisions and getting involved in real action. Nevertheless, episode 11 was far from boring, as all of our characters had to face struggles and difficulty. Audience members will undoubtedly be eager for the next instalment, as the ending here makes it apparent that it will not be easy for anyone.

Heroes Reborn airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on 5Star.


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