On Edge: Anticipating Scandal Season 7


Scandal Season 7 has already started to air in America, but it doesn’t hit UK shores until November 15th. It’s set to be the political drama’s final season, so we can assume that it will feature new twists and turn to go out with a bang.

Having just finished watching Season 6, I am well and truly ready to see what the final season of Scandal can bring. Season 6 was more dramatic, more gruesome and more gripping than ever before. I have never binge-watched a show like I did Scandal.

Scandal originally aired in 2011 and followed the life of ‘fixer’ Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), former Director of Communications for the White House who has a few scandals of her own involving the former President of the United States. Throughout the 6, nearly 7 seasons, Olivia and President Fitz’s ongoing love story draws viewers back again and again, watching the development and waiting for them to finally get together.

With Fitz no longer President and Olivia back working in the White House for the next four years, I’m keen to see how their relationship will play out and whether they will finally end up together for good. I can already imagine the uproar if the season does not end with at least an engagement. One of the best parts of Scandal is the characters and seeing their development each season is something that is truly great to watch, especially when they start to fight for power. I have to say that Kerry Washington has quickly become my favourite actress. I had never really seen her in anything before, but the way she portrays Olivia Pope blows me away. You forget that she’s just a character and that Pope isn’t Kerry Washington’s true personality.

As biased as I am, Scandal is truly one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen. I’m a sucker for a good love story and am easily absorbed into shows, but I highly recommend watching Scandal. I know there are six seasons to catch up on and another on the way, but it is seriously worth the watch. I have never seen anything like it and will truly miss the presence of Olivia Pope on my screen, but cannot wait to see how the finale plays out and cannot stress enough how much it is worth watching.

Season 7 of Scandal is due to air in November on Sky Living and Seasons 1-6 are currently available on Sky Go.


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