Review: Rupaul’s Drag Race UK (Episode 4)


Snatch Game had no big flops and genuinely funny humour for once that left us gagging. 

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A double win, nearly two Margaret Thatchers, and a sickening runway featuring guest judges Lorraine Kelly, Ginger Spice and Stacey Dooley – what more could you ask?

Although, it’s clear that Baga Chipz and The Vivienne really didn’t need to win another Ru-Peter Badge. Showing their post-runway talk from last episode, Baga and Vivienne hounded the girls like usual about being ‘safe’ and unworthy as they don’t have badges like them. Vivienne even appeared to be holding herself in a queen-like manner, who does she think she is, BeBe Zahara Benet?

One of their prime targets was Sum Ting Wong, now Sum Ting Gone after her flat impersonation of Sir David Attenborough and a basic ill-fitting red bodysuit. At the bottom with her were Crystal, for her take on Rue McClanahan, and Divina as Julia Childs. Luckily Divina just about dodged lip-syncing for her life, which would’ve been heartbreaking considering her niceties towards Baga in allowing her to take Thatcher. 

Despite their bullying nature and arrogance (similar to Rolaskatox), Vivienne’s Trump impersonation was frightfully believable, and Baga’s Thatcher was full of laughs. Both also staying in character and gaining laughs through jokes their impersonee would actually make, opposed to Blu’s very raunchy take on Mary Berry. Cheryl’s Gemma Collins deserves a mention too, which was very convincing, but also possibly just us seeing the true Essex personality of Cheryl come through.

This week’s main stage saw the queens dressed for ‘Weird Science: Genetically Modified Drag Queens’ as they took to the runway. Aside from Sum Ting (obviously), Baga and Vivienne’s runways were by far the worst. Both looks were extremely basic, with Baga in a simple bodysuit with a few ‘futuristic’ lumps and bumps on it, and Vivienne in a poo-couture coloured saggy bodysuit with a few flowers stuck on it and a Grinch-looking face. Even though their Snatch Game’s slayed, these runways needed to be heavily criticised yet nothing was said. Clearly Baga and Vivienne are going to be the queens riding on personality and comedy (Baga particularly), their looks getting away as a consequence. 

Iconic runways were sported by Crystal and Divina, which were worthy of wins if their Snatch Game’s hadn’t faded into the background. Divina wore an underwater-alien look, with seaweed-looking fingers and a decorated half-fishbowl head garment to finish it off. Alternatively, Crystal brought something new to the Drag Race stage with a shocking performance element. Wearing a home-made mouth opener and serving creepy-realness, Crystal used an electric saw blade on strategically placed shields of metal across her body – most frightfully on her crotch.

Thankfully Crystal’s lip sync to ‘Spice Up Your Life’ by the Spice Girls was enough to save her. Even Sum Ting didn’t go home empty-handed, gaining a number one fan in Gerri Halliwell.

Tune in next week on October 31st to see what could be the scariest moment of your night – the queens taking on a singing challenge on Halloween!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK  episode four is available to watch on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer now.


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