Review: RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 12, Episode 5)

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Who needs Grey's Anatomy when you can have Gay's Anatomy?

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Despite the awkward timing for a medical-themed challenge, Gay’s Anatomy it served us comedy queen realness. The show starts with Brita making subtle digs about Aiden who she feels “did the bare minimum and skated by again” and begins to ramble about how she is a top queen in New York and is too good to be in the bottom. Just an FYI for new drag race fans every New York queen claims to be the top queen apparently New York has no bottoms. The mini-challenge saw the queens having to pick up a cup that had a pill in it, the two queens that got the pink pill were in charge of casting, this resulted in Nicky Doll and Gigi Goode deciding the casting. When the queens have to decide the roles it always results in some sort of disagreement, this again happened when Sherry Pie got the role of Mother Gay over Widow Von’Du, she was not happy but either way she did well and delivered (because she gave birth to a baby). Another who got the role they didn’t want was Aiden Zhane, Gigi and Nicky felt Aiden would be better as the ghost… hint at the subtle shade.

The show itself has to be one of the funniest RuPaul TV show parody’s the description of Meredith Gay herself “famous for her bad taste in men and excellent surgical skills” had me gagging, because if anyone has watched the original Grey’s Anatomy this does not stray too far from the truth. Jackie Cox and Jan played Meredith Gay, and both shined in the challenge. Truthfully there was no one who did really bad in this challenge and all the characters were cast amazingly. Gigi, as always, was amazing, she is really proving how talented she is; she can sew, act and model, she is showing everyone whoever doubted her in the beginning wrong. Aiden despite weeks of skating by, did well in this challenge as she channelled Mae West in her ghost role which can never go wrong. Though we have our tops, we also had our bottoms in the challenge, Nicky played baby dearest this role was quite small and involved improv though she was hilarious as she started speaking French but with the amount of talent in this episode it wasn’t enough. Heidi N Closet was also in the background in the show and was rememberable at all. The ‘top’ New York queen Brita did not do so well this episode; her acting was lacklustre for a theatre queen.

The theme for this runway was Planet of the Capes and these queens really did show us some amazing outfits. Tops for the runway were definitely Jackie Cox and Gigi. Jacki Cox gave us Middle Eastern Goddess, which was influenced from her own culture, it was beautiful to see and really stood out against all the other outfits. Gigi, who is always at the top when it comes to looks, gave us stylish camper scout leader chic and she really did rock khaki which is a colour that not just anyone can rock. The worst looks of the week were Aiden, Brita, and Heidi. Both Brita and Aiden’s look were basic but the idea behind Aiden’s look was amazing; I just wish it was executed better. Heidi gave us Jasmine Masters butterfly realness but sadly her dominatrix bodysuit did not go well with the butterfly inspired cape. Cannot forget Widow’s look who was apparently “inspired by watermelon” proving fruit can be creative.

Sherry Pie won this challenge, but it was a close call as everyone performed exceptionally well in this acting challenge. The bottom three were Brita, Heidi and Nicky. However, Brita got off lucky as she was safe from lip-syncing. Heidi and Nicky lip-synced to ‘Heart To Break’ by Kim Petras, it was a lacklustre performance and never really had any “wow” moments. Nicky Doll went for the sexy lip-sync that translated as lacking any energy, whilst Heidi was throwing herself across the stage and was truly fighting to stay in the competition. The judges saw this and saved Heidi, which was not a shock elimination but a disappointing one. This season is full of so many strong queens that are all potential finalists, so its always disappointing seeing one of them go home.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Series 12 is available now on Netflix, with new episodes weekly.


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