Doing It! with Hannah Witton: Sex Ed For Everybody


Hannah Witton is well known as a YouTuber making videos mainly focussed on sex and relationships. With the platform she’s built there, she’s created an important dialogue across her different social media outlets. Whether it be polls and Q&As on Instagram Stories about porn and consent, or discussing the best and most inclusive reads concerning sex, Witton has succeeded in helping to normalise a lot of content that’s not taught in school.

And her podcast Doing It! continues to do this. She opens each podcast claiming that she talks “all things sex, relationships, dating and our bodies”, but there are so many more topics covered. Over a full two seasons, her podcast has covered content about sexting, periods, trans figures in the media, cervical cancer, disability, and a lot more. Witton uses her platform successfully to educate as well as entertain.

She also allows others to speak about topics which she cannot personally relate to or comment on herself, such as masculinity and transgender issues. Melanie Murphy, Calum McSwiggan and Riyadh Khalaf are just a few of the many names which appear alongside Witton, but it’s impossible to choose a favourite. Each guest gives their own personal input on certain topics and are all as informative as each other.

Ever since May 2019, Witton has been providing approachable content which is extremely educational, breaks down a lot of taboos, and provides the perfect level of entertainment. Between laughing at the banter between her and the guest and learning about things that are not talked about in schools, this is the ideal podcast for those in their late teens/early twenties looking to learn more about sex and relationships in a fun and accessible way.

Doing It! is available to listen to here.


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