Tender, Poetic, and What it Means to Love: Crave at The Chichester Theatre, A Preview.


For the first time in Chichester, the Festival Theatre will be simultaneously performing Crave (written by Sarah Kane) in front of a socially distanced audience from the 29th of October to the 7th of November, as well as livestreaming the performance for viewers at home.

A departure from Kane’s stylistic norm of graphic violence (most clearly exemplified in her most notable play, Blasted),  Crave takes on a much more tender, poetic style and delves into what it means to love someone.

Kane has been marked as one of the most influential British writers of the late 20th century, and although stylistically different, the same dark themes of pain, addiction, and death are Kane all over.

First performed at the Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh) in 1998, Crave is making a comeback. This play is directed by Tinuke Craig, an up and coming director who has several plays of the same sensitive themes under her belt. Because of this, we are expecting an energetic but compassionate rendition of Kane’s electric work.

Tickets for between £5-10 can be purchased here. The livestream will take place on the 7th of November at 5pm.


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