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Disclaimer: most of these words are based upon my memory, and considering I forgot this sentence whilst typing it, I wouldn’t trust that. I’m sure the information stated is very factual.

As a long-term gamer, I can recall the joys that seasons changing have always brought me. When new fruits would appear in FarmVille and Hay Day, or when seasonal costumes that I couldn’t afford or wear due to not having a membership (yep, still salty Mum), would be added to Club Penguin. Even the mods I never learnt to download or purchase in order to witness these seasonal changes in Sims; my friends have informed me that these were very exciting, but I sadly wouldn’t know. Ah, the sweet nostalgia. Even today, as I write this, I’m thinking of Candy Crush and what new Christmas task it’ll have for me tonight, a shred of hope getting me through this rather peculiar festive season. No matter how strange the world may become, Candy Crush and its seasonal updates will always remain. 

Does Wizard 101 change season? I couldn’t tell you that. However, you can be a wizard in all sorts of houses from fire to life, ice to storm, and even death… so I feel that constitutes as seasonal regardless. I mean there’s a tree of life for potter’s sake, it has to be seasonal! Wizard 101 will take you back to ye old day, when dragons roamed the sky, and fairground games gave you mana and health. Those were the days. The house you choose definitely dictates the experience, with different powers altering your seasonal interaction. Another classic was Runescape; you can roam the different lands, going from springtime chicken chasing, to winter mining and blacksmithing, and the seasonal Christmas tradition of gift-giving and wooden horsey riding (until the lame update that took away our horsies, darn you).

Wizards and mythical things aside, Stardew Valley has to be given honourable mention for seasonal changes in gaming. You can go to the spring-time village dance, harvest seasonal veg, and see the world around you change as the days go on. It is a true beauty. Although, FIFA fans may disagree. After all, that weather-changing feature where you can play in rain, snow or sunshine, really is the peak of seasons in gaming. I mean, even Subway Surfers‘ festive Christmas update can’t compete with FIFA. 

Now, the games mentioned above are the pièce de résistance of seasons changing in gaming, which certain games could learn to take tips from. Let’s talk Wii Fit, the game that both destroyed and made us who we are today. This game definitely needs to turn to seasonal changes and take note; Wii Fit, stop calling 7-year-olds obese on Easter or after Christmas dinner, okay? It’s not cool, and it won’t make you feel any less insecure about yourself.

Well, I believe that covers everything that seasonal gaming has to offer. Is this just a ramble about my questionable gaming choices and childhood nostalgia? Perhaps. Do I have any regrets? Not at all. My only regret is not begging with more passion for that Club Penguin membership, and for mentioning Hay Day; I’m not ready for the addiction to return.


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