Fictional Worlds I’d Like to Live In: Animal Crossing


‘Animal Crossing’ is a social simulation game that has captured the hearts of consumers and critics alike. In this game, you live out real-time as a human living in a rural village filled with anthropomorphic animals, building your dream world through open-ended game-play.

I would love to live in this world surrounded by nature, digging for fossils, watering plants, harvesting fruits, and catching bugs and fish. Whilst these tasks may sound mundane, the incentives of completing them, whether that be daily or seasonally, make it completely worth it. For example, catching the right fish during the fishing tourney will win you a trophy (something I have never won in real life), which you receive in front of and alongside your fellow villagers; and you can use it to decorate your house! The level of personalisation in this world is amazing, with your house being your main point of customisation. Each room can have a different purpose and style with you taking charge of all the fine details, and with the ability to add furniture outside in  2020’s lockdown favourite ‘New Horizons’, you can build a world completely tailored for you.

With these newly designed spaces you will need to have events and social situations to make the most of them, and who better to invite than the cutest villagers you share your world with! Each villager has their own unique charm that make it almost impossible to not enjoy their company. There may be a few you want to avoid, and maybe even kick out of the village, but for the majority, the joy of sharing gifts and laughter with your new friends makes such an enticing and comforting world that I would love to live in.



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