TV Gone Too Soon… The Button (2018)


I’m possibly the only member of the UK to remember this show; me and the people that took part at least!The Button is a game show from 2018 on BBC One where a selection of households in the UK were given a talking button to place in their living rooms. The families would have to wait for “The Button to light up red which symbolised the start of an unorthodox task. Think ‘Taskmaster in your living room, with this programme also spawning from the mind of TM’s Alex Horne. They’d then have a set amount of time to complete said task quicker than their opponents. The aim of the show was for the competitors to build up cash prizes and keep their winnings at the end of the episode if they had won the most. The twist was, however, that they could take their money or return for the next episode and potentially win more. Equally, they could lose the lot.

This was such a fast-paced exciting show that I remember tuning in to watch each week. It had the hook of guessing what the next bizarre task would be (you never guessed right) and could we do this at home too (very likely!)? I’m gutted that the series only lasted one season as it would have been a great stay-at-home motivator during Covid times. Not only that but it gave an insight into typically British family life that proves popular amongst UK TV warriors (*ahem* ‘Gogglebox’).

BBC, consider this a formal petition to bring back ‘The Button’!


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