Fictional Worlds I’d Like to Live In: Pokémon X and Y’s Kalos Region


‘Pokémon‘ has a vast world with many regions to explore, with each offering a unique experience for players. Any region would be a dream to live in, however, Kalos takes my top pick. Debuting in 2013’s ‘Pokémon X and Y’, the Kalos Region expands the Pokémon universe with an area shaped like a star. Geographically this region offers a variety to suit every mood. Wanting to romanticise your life in a European city? Visit the region’s biggest city Lumiose, offering striking similarity to metropolitan France, even having its own Eiffel Tower! With the Lumiose Musuem, Prism Tower, and many shops and cafes, you could never be bored as a tourist or a local. However, if the busy pace of this city isn’t for you, Shalour City is a seaside haven with stunning views and sights to enjoy, most notably the Tower of Mastery, a key landmark essential to discovering and understanding Mega Evolution. Super cool!



Considering the Pokémon world more broadly, this exploration lifestyle would be incredible to enjoy at my own pace. Whilst becoming a trainer would be cool, I would much prefer to explore the historical and cultural sights. I would completely embrace the NPC life wandering (or roller skating) through the Kantos Region, stopping to paint the beautiful views waiting at every turn. Although I could be (easily) persuaded to pause my peaceful life to uncover the secret to Mega Evolution with Fennekin by my side.



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