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Can you really do justice to a band through a piece of writing? It’s like trying to persuade someone to read your favourite book by telling them to listen to a song. If you really want to understand the developing hype around San Cisco you’re gonna have to listen for yourself, but I can give you some clues as to why you should be excited about this emerging Australian four-piece.

The predominantly male band has created nothing but bright and youthful tunes. I’m not suggesting that their songs are ‘samey’, but that despite the variety of topics approached, it’s like a pinch of magic and a ray of sunshine has been added to each song. What’s most inspiring is how throughout these endearing tunes an attractive, reckless edginess has been kept. This is done through the raw talent of being able to effectively bring together tranquil vocals with a charmingly unpolished jumble sale of melody.

Imagine squeezing a warm summer evening (if you can remember any) with great food, your best friends and plenty of drinks into a few good songs and you begin to get an idea of what their first EP Golden Revolver sounds like. The title track, with a continuous sparkly rhythm and delightful harmonious vocals, can be thanked for gathering the bands initial fans whilst the second EP vastly multiplied their fan base. Lead single ‘Awkward’ has been everything but awkward, conjuring up more than 6 million views on YouTube, it’s by far their biggest success yet.

Wild Things‘ was the most recently released song in the UK. May the 6th will bring us ‘Fred Astaire’, a catchy festival-friendly song impossible to listen to only once.

Having already made a name for themselves in Australia, San Cisco now have the tremendous task of spreading their music across the rest of the world. They broke their US touring virginity in February and are now playing throughout the UK, before heading down under to share more fun vibes back on home turf. With overall temperatures set to be below average this summer, a sunshine filled debut album set for release in the UK on the 29th July is exactly what we need. In the meantime get your feet jiggling and hands clapping to ‘Fred Astaire’.


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