Freshers’ Ball: An interview with Ms. Dynamite


For many, the name Ms. Dynamite remains synonymous with ‘Dy-Na-Mi-Tee‘ and their copy of Now 53, but in recent years she’s once again become a huge name in British urban music. Her collaborations with Katy B, DJ Zinc, Redlight and Yasmin have been undoubtedly brilliant, and we caught up with her just after her set at Freshers’ Ball to talk about future collaborations, her plans for a new album, and what her son really thinks of it all.

You’ve just come off stage, how was it?

Yeah it was wicked, I loved it. The sound system is amazing, I mean, one of the most amazing sound systems I’ve ever, ever experienced in a uni event, and just in general anyway. Some of the speakers were dropping off the stage because of the bass! My DJ was like ‘oh my god, my knees were quaking!’ and it was because of that, the bass and the sound coming through, so yeah it was wicked. I really enjoyed it.

There were so many explosions and lights and the crowd were loving it, so you must be happy with that performance. 

Yeah definitely the crowd were really responsive. It was nice. They were getting involved and I did my new single, which not everyone has heard before, but they really got involved and they were singing along and stuff, so it was cool yeah. 

And that new single is ‘Cloud 9’, and it’s been a while since ‘Neva Soft’ which was your last one, about two years ago, so how’s it been going back into the studio and releasing new music?

Yeah it’s been really exciting. Yes a lot of time has passed. I’ve kind of been going between, do I want to sing? Do I want to MC? Do I want to do dance music, electronic music, live music? I’ve just kind of been driving myself crazy to be honest with you, but it’s been an amazing experience. I loved being in the studio with Shy FX, he’s like one of my all time favourite producers, and DJs, so that’s been a complete blessing, and yeah I’ve loved every minute of it. 

Have you got a new album or any new songs or anything on the way after the single is released?

Definitely! I’ve got an EP which is going to be released in the new year. I’ve also got a single which is a collaboration with an amazing producer, which I can’t say too much about, but he’s had loads of number ones, he’s a sick DJ, he is very successful in his own right, he’s an amazing producer, and yeah fingers crossed for that one. That one I think is going to be around January, February sort of time, and then later on in the year I’ll be releasing my album. 

That’s really exciting then, because it’s been a long time since you released your last album isn’t it?

It has been forever! My son is ten years old, he’s starting secondary school soon, and when I think about the fact that my first album was created quite a bit before he was born, it’s very weird for me, but yeah I don’t – at the same time – feel like I’ve ever gone anywhere in a way because I’ve always been doing shows like this, and I’ve always been releasing tracks for the club and the underground, and bits and pieces here and there, and I just love music, so yeah. It’s definitely nice to be back in it, in a very full-on way.

You talked about your son there, what does he think of your music, does he like it? Is he going to be on one of your tracks soon?

Do you know what, I’d love to get him involved! The thing is, he’s really confident but at the same time he’s quite shy… like he can really sing, but if I ask him to sing he says no, and he acts really cool about it. Yeah I’d love to see what he’s capable of, but he’s only ten, and I would never pressure him or push him into anything. He likes some of my music. He is like, my biggest critic ever. When I first recorded the track ‘Lights On’ with Katy B – he’s always probably the first person along with my brother – I’ll show them and be like, what do you think of it, and my brother bless him, he’s always so like, ‘it’s gonna be a hit!’, he’s like an old man but he’s so positive, and my son, he’s like ‘ummm, I like Katy B’s bit but ummm, I’m not really sure about your bit, I think you need to go and rewrite it or rerecord it’. He’s like ‘you’re talking gibberish, I don’t understand what you’re saying’. It’s like, great, thank you son! So yeah he’s very critical, but in a nice way. I love that, I really like that.

You’ve done a lot of collaborations in the last few years, but is there anyone who you’d really like to collaborate with, but haven’t had the chance to work with?

I think there’s loads of people to be honest. The first person that springs to mind, who isn’t like dance music, would probably be Damian Marley. I think he’s someone who’s super versatile. I love his voice, I love the fact that he sings and chats, and he’s got a conscious thing going on but he also, there’s a track he did with Skrillex, and yeah, I feel like I’d just be really intrigued to see what kind of a track I could create with him. I’d feel so honoured, but there’s loads of people I’d love to collaborate with really.

‘Cloud 9’ will be released in the UK on 21st October, and is available to preorder now. A recording of the whole interview will be available on SUSUtv soon.


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