Freshers’ Ball: An interview with Modestep


At SUSU’s Freshers’ ball we managed to grab Josh from Modestep before their set. We chatted to him about Modestep’s new music, moving house and Avicii.

Hey Josh, how are you today?

I’m pretty tired, I moved house last week – I’m still moving!

That’s quite a big thing to be doing whilst still gigging at the same time?

Yeah, well actually we’ve stopped gigging; this is a one of kind of show really, just doing a few little DJ sets here and there.

And are you looking forward to performing tonight?

Yeah it should be good! It’s interesting though, as it’s black tie and everybody’s dressed all smart so it doesn’t really suit what we do too well; but we’ll see!

Have you done many student gigs before? Is it a different crowd to what you usually expect?

Yeah loads of them. It depends on the uni actually! Sometimes they’re just a bit more underground and a bit more… I don’t know, street. And sometimes you get people who are a bit smart and don’t really want to go as mad.

It’s been a while since the last music released, are you working on anything at the moment?

Yeah, we’re going in next week actually to do album two so that’ll be out next year. We hope to have it finished by January.

So quite a quick turn around?

Yeah… it won’t be finished by January! It’ll probably be finished by February and then maybe released summer time next year. But they will probably be releases before then as well.

So ‘Sunlight’ was a freshers’ anthem two years ago, so what do you think this year’s freshers anthem is?

I’m not sure, I don’t listen to much music, like, modern music. Erm… I don’t know, it’s usually Avicii isn’t it?

Yeah that’s what everybody’s been saying, Avicii’s  ‘Wake Me Up’ or ‘You Make Me’…

Just Avicii in general! Yeah I think he’s kind of dominated everything to be honest.

You do a lot of electronic music and stuff, what do you think of people like Avicii who are dominating the charts in that way?

Yeah he’s talented. Not to my taste; but yeah he’s talented!

And what can we expect from tonight’s gig overall?

A lot of drum and bass! Probably darker than most people who are playing, quite heavy, as always.


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