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Springtime Carnivore is an enigmatic emerging artist. Her voice has serenaded the music industry with daydreaming melodies and nostalgia; an online fan-base has rapidly blown up and the record label Lebensstrasse wasted no time in signing for the release of a 7-inch – a response which she likens to ‘tossing a dime in a fountain and having fireworks come out’.

It has undoubtedly the beginning of a rising musical career, one that perhaps came as a stroke of fate. Before leaving high school, she joined a travelling circus as a tightrope walker, a world quickly taken from her following a serious injury. She remembers; ‘as I was recovering, I rediscovered my old family piano and songs just started pouring out. I recorded and put them online and have experienced a crazy flood of people buying the songs all over’.

Springtime Carnivore’s move towards music has not been a recent one however, and is a passion that traces back to her childhood memories with her mother – ‘I remember sitting on her lap as a kid and her telling me, “here is C, D, E”…I’ve always loved music’, she says. It is an early love that has developed into a musical career with the release of the 7-inch Collectors, a mixture of gossamer lyrics and ethereal melodies such as ‘Low Clouds’, which she said ‘was written as a soundtrack to a drive along the cliffs in Northern California. The clouds were so low and I went home and wrote a song to describe how that morning, how that drive felt’. The fuzzy vocals intertwined with a medley of piano, bass and drums of Collectors strike a chord with the small things in life – the track ‘Cicadas’ with its soft rhythm is a stroll through a deep forest, whilst the hauntingly sweet sound of ‘Two Scars’ is a thoughtful walk on a starry night. However Springtime’s work resonates on a universal level, with inspiration streaming in from everyday observances as well as personal experiences.

Such emotional fragility translates into moving songs, which are undoubtedly influenced by the church music listened to when Springtime was growing up. She says; ‘we went to this church on the south-side of town where they played Gospel music and when the music was powerful enough, people would start sweating feverishly and dancing. I even saw my neighbours talking in tongues once, like they really thought they were being touched my God in a literal transfixing way. It showed me how powerful music can be to affect the human spirit. Good, pure music, that is. Honest music’. Honesty is there entwined with mystery in Springtime Carnivore’s music. We hear the exposed sadness of stories and experience in the honeysuckle tunes – a few of which have been matched with nostalgic-styled music videos by the American director Eddie O’Keeffe – but we know nothing of the mind behind them, yet it only seems to add to the charmingly home-recorded tracks of Collectors. As Springtime Carnivore remarks – ‘I don’t want a spotlight, but I want the opportunity to connect’.

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