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Say Lou Lou emerged in the spring of 2012, uploading a simple but dazzling slice of ethereal pop with the name ‘Maybe You’ to the internet. Then known as Saint Lou Lou, the scandi-pop sisters have since changed their name following a ‘run-in with trademark law’, yet their music remains as forlornly elegant as promised by their debut track. The alluring twin sister duo – Elektra and Miranda Kilbey – grew up between Australia and Sweden, and have garnered significant support through the few singles they have released.

It is perhaps the polarisation of place, from Sweden to Australia, which is most prominent in their music. In an interview last year, the pair stated: “When you’re constantly travelling back and forth between the opposite ends of the world, you can end up feeling like you’re stuck somewhere in between.” Their sound is the very essence of dream-pop, and their lyrics and melodies epitomise a yearning for somewhere else, both physically and mentally.

In ‘Julian’ the lush waves of synth wash through a muted xylophone, and hypnotising vocals exude a desire to runaway to another place, or perhaps just another mindset. Their new single ‘Better in the Dark’ is equally drenched in despondency but exhibits a more upbeat sound, and this diversity was the bait for Say Lou Lou’s recent record deal with Columbia.

It feels like this breakthrough has been a long time coming, but talking to DIY Magazine in November, Miranda said: “We’re really excited and eager to get this record out… We’ve been making it for too long now. It would be good to get some closure on this.” With three singles under their belt and their album due early next year, Say Lou Lou are ready to take 2014 by storm.

Say Lou Lou’s Better in the Dark EP is available now.


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