The Edge’s Top Albums of 2013: #9


Peace – In Love

Released 25th March 2013, Columbia Records


Number nine in The Edge’s Top 10 Album’s of 2013 list is Peace’s debut album, In LoveIn Love – which charted at number sixteen in the UK album charts – follows on from the band’s EP Delicious and features the singles ‘Wraith‘ and ‘Lovesick’.


  • Included in top-ten lists of 21% of contributors
  • Of those 33% ranked it within their top 3

There are some really impressive songs in In Love such as ‘Wraith’ (a song built on a great hook) or ‘Follow Baby’ (has one of my favourite choruses of 2013). In Love is a good indie record and there are plenty of enjoyable tracks on it, along with a few let downs such as ‘Toxic’ and ‘Sugarstone’. The problem with In Love is that although it is mostly enjoyable there isn’t much new or exciting going on. It is not a bad album whatsoever, but I suspect that few if anyone will ever describe this album as their favourite, it is missing that certain something.
– Jamie Barker, Edge Writer

Other Accolades

  • Ranked #14 in The Fly’s ‘Best Albums of 2013’ list
  • Ranked #15 in NME’s ‘Top 50 Album’s of 2013’ list


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