This Month in Film: October 2020


It seems that Hollywood has switched back into panic mode. With major US markets still not having opened yet, alongside Disney continuing to shove their films back into 2021 such as Black Widow and West Side Story, it seems that performances of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet theatrically and Mulan on Disney+ internationally haven’t been wholly convincing for executives – Tenet‘s slightly underwhelming performance at the US  box office perhaps made the film a sacrificial lamb rather than the film that would save the cinemas as was hoped. As fewer and fewer films are getting a theatrical release, and those that may being delayed into the unknown, the future of cinema feels uncertain to say the least. Nevertheless, let’s see what films we can look forward to this month!

THE BLOCKBUSTER: The Secret Garden, dir. Marc Munden

Release Date: October 23rd

Starring: Dixie Egerickx, Amir Wilson, Colin Firth, Julie Walters

Sporting a star-studded cast, director Marc Munden is taking on the famous story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, in which upon the death of Mary Lennox’s parents she is sent to her uncle’s house, where she finds a magical garden. Needless to say an adaptation has been done more than a few times and there is a tendency to overdo the classics – many still hold the 1993 version near and dear to their hearts. However, this film seems to have incorporated an abundance of CGI to capture the wild garden that Mary explores, which from the trailer is admittedly visually stunning. Whether these effects are a product of the children’s imagination or actual magic we will have to wait and see, however the casting seems too good to be true, Colin Firth in particular portraying Dr. Craven definitely being one to look forward to seeing, whether it be on the big or small screen as it has its limited theatrical release and will be available on Sky Cinema the same day.

THE ALTERNATIVE: Saint Mauddir. Rose Glass

Release Date: October 9th

Starring: Morfydd Clark, Jennifer Ehle, Lily Frazer, Turlough Convery

Written and directed by Rose Glass, Saint Maud follows the titular hospice nurse who believes her patient is being possessed. Part of the London Film Festival, it made its way around the circuit in 2019 and has so far amassed mainly positive reviews. From the dark, ominous tone of the trailer it is clear that Glass is going for horror melodrama, the relationship between carer and patient put to the forefront of the narrative. This also being her debut, it will be interesting to see how well this film fares in its cinematic release with now most films having been delayed – could this be what puts people back in the seats? With it appearing to be a promising if deliberately uncomfortable viewing, it can only help your local cinemas by giving this film a watch – it is spooky season after all!


Sub Editor’s Pick: I am Greta dir. by Nathan Grossman

Release Date: October 16

Thus Hulu documentary follows global environmental activist Greta Thunberg, from her travels and immense crusade against climate change to her personal life and fight to keep the momentum. Having only risen to fame a a few years ago and currently only being 17 years of age, she has taken the world by storm with school strikes and public speeches holding higher authorities accountable, effectively becoming the face of the young generation’s push for saving the world. This documentary seems set on highlighting not only her triumphs but difficulties; unable to fly as she travels, having so much pressure on her shoulders and being grilled about her experience with Asperger’s, let’s hope this documentary details Greta for the inspiration that she is.


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