Union Films: What’s Coming Up This Week (28/10/13)


If the darker nights are making you want to spoon on the sofa with a loved one, watching a rom-com then you’ve got the wrong idea. This week, it’s all about scares and screams for us, in preparation for Saturday’s event. Tuesday we have violent thriller Only God Forgives and Wednesday is The Hunt; a Danish drama about a man’s life ruined by a little lie. Towards the end of the week we’re gearing up for our biggest event of the year so far, Halloween. Our all-nighter has two screens and 12 films – there’s really something for everyone, trust me. Then we round out the week with Frances Ha and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.


Tuesday 29th October at 7pm: Only God Forgives:

Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling reteam in a film that’s hailed as more horrifically violent than their first. Only God Forgives sees The Gos star as Julian, who runs a Thai boxing club as a front organization for his family’s drug smuggling operation. He’s forced by his mother to find and kill the person responsible for his brother’s death. If you liked Drive, you’ll like this, but you can be sure of one thing, its gonna be a good looking film.

Wednesday 30th October at 7.30pm: The Hunt:

Danish film, The Hunt, stars Mads Mikkelsen as a nursery teacher whose relationship with his best friend’s daughter, starts a web of lies from the children resulting in him getting ostracised from his small close knit community, losing his job and girlfriend. Harrowing scenes follow and with Mikkelsen winning the Best Actor Award at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, it is brilliantly and heartbreakingly acted. Make sure you catch this film in association with The Phoenix.


Saturday 2nd November: Halloween All-Nighter:

My favourite event of the Union Films calendar is this weekend, the Halloween All-Nighter. This year, the great formula from the year before has been repeated, and tweaked slightly. The classics still remain – two screens; one showing truly scary films and the other is full of scary-with-a-twist comedy films, you get amazingly designed t-shirts for attending and a well-decorated Bar 3 with themed cocktails. However, this year SUSU café replaces Domino’s as the provider of nutrition throughout the evening and there are posters for the survivors (so you end up with a t-shirt and a poster…if you make it!) Now, onto the films, screen 2 has your fill of the zom-coms but the main attraction, screen 1 has the following:

The Undead: Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake)

The Haunting: The Conjouring

The Abyss: The Descent

The Demon: Evil Dead (2013 remake)

The Stalker: The Loved Ones

The Suffering: for this one, you’ll have to buy your ticket and see…

I will stake anything on it that it will be a treat…or is that a trick?

Sunday 3rd November at 5pm: Frances Ha:

A modern day movie shot in black and white doesn’t happen that often. But in Frances Ha it does. It’s about an aspiring dancer in New York who doesn’t really have any direction in life, and becomes caught up in a whirlwind of flighty fair-weather friends, diminishing fortunes and career setbacks. She wants so much more for herself but still lives her life with joy.

percyjacksonseaofmonsteSunday 3rd November at 8pm: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters:

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, sees Percy (the son of Poseidon) and his demigod friends continue his epic journey to fulfil his destiny – to find the mythical Golden Fleece and retrieve it to save their home and training ground, Camp Half-Blood and stop an ancient evil rising up. This film was a summer blockbuster so make sure you come down for it!

Watch out for a longer preview of our Halloween event from The Edge themselves soon, and we look forward to seeing you this week!


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