“It’s been the most thrilling and wild ride of all time” – An Interview with Body Type


The “Scuzz rock” indie band Body Type have had an eventful May. Their latest self-titled EP was released in early May and they have been completing their first headlining tour around the UK. Playing four shows in a row, their final stop was Heartbreakers, Southampton. The Edge speaks to Body Type about their musical inspirations and what is happening next for the Sydney-based band.

After a wonderful initial interview over the phone, we managed to sneak an additional chat up in the green room of Heartbreakers before their openers Krush Puppies began performing.

To begin, I asked about how they felt about their UK tour coming to an end. “It’s been the most thrilling and wild ride of all time. We’ve had the best time,” expressed guitarist/vocalist Sophie McComish. “This is our fourth show in a row so we’re all just kinda reaching a boiling point. Everyone is starting to feel a bit under the weather but our hearts are full of love.”

Their next performance is the London Calling Festival in Amsterdam, and the band was eagerly anticipating their first show in Europe. “Yes! We are so excited about that. We have a really amazing time slot and we’re playing right before Chai who are one of our favourite bands at the moment so super excited to see them. Amsterdam is just the most beautiful city and it’s our first ever show in Europe so that’s gonna be really special.”

Body Type has been performing together since late 2016. I asked what was the best part about performing. “Being on stage with my three best friends and it’s just the best feeling in the world. All those negative feelings dissipate,” Sophie responded.

Recently the band posted a picture of a response from Uma Thurman’s management on their Instagram. We discussed their response and the inspiration behind their single ‘UMA’. Sophie described the song as “a tribute to [Uma Thurman] and her experience with Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein.” Bassist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums added, “they did respond saying, ‘this doesn’t mention Uma Thurman, is it about her?’, so I kinda had to spell out to them that it was a song that is a bit of a figurative retelling.”

If you look at Body Type’s Youtube channel, you’ll find music videos that are of all different styles. We discussed the process that goes into creating such varied creative visions. “It’s inspired by people who we love, friends of ours or whose work we admire so I guess that’s a process in itself, we drew on working with particular people and it goes from there,” Sophie explained.

Out of their nine music videos, one of my personal favourites is ‘Teeth’ which is animated in a style similar to the 90’s cartoon Daria. “It definitely was inspired by Daria,” Sophie confirmed. “We were scared it looked too similar but I think Nick who animated it made it original enough that we got away with it. But enough for you to pick up on it.” I noted how guitarist/vocalist Annabel Blackman’s character shared a lot of similarities with the character of Jane Lane in the original cartoon. Sophie joked, “[which]came first: Annabel’s haircut or Jane Lane’s haircut?”

We discussed the 90’s sound of their music and how their music could blend in into the soundtrack of a 90’s film such as 10 Things I Hate About You. “Love the 90’s, love 10 Things, RIP Heath Ledger,” Sophie commented.

On the topic of inspiration, Sophie described how their biggest inspiration always changed depending on when you asked them, but currently it was Cassie Ramone of the Vivian Girls, a three-piece punk band from America that broke up in 2014. “They just didn’t give a f*** what anyone thought. They were the first band that have all women that I noticed.”

For someone who hasn’t heard their music before, Body Type described their sound in three words each. Sophie went for “buoyant, electrifying and romantic”, Georgia opted for “female, riot, punk”, while Annabel needed a little encouragement from Sophie, “go! Don’t think!”. In the end, she went with “complex, tender, spiky,” which got the seal of approval from Sophie, “spiky, love that!” Cecil Coleman was equally obsessed, “I just can’t stop thinking about spiky now… I was gonna say Scuzz, meaningful and grit.”

After their first headlining tour in their hometown Australia, I asked them what was next (after a bit of rest and relaxation of course). “Actually, we all just quit our jobs and we’re gonna be doing Body Type full time now. I am personally most excited to see what that kind of life plays out like and get stuck into writing every day and recording,” explained Sophie.

The band have toured the US, playing at South by Southwest, shows in LA and New York. They’ve performed around the UK, in festivals like The Great Escape and Live at Leeds. But has Body Type ever considered performing in Asia? They would love to. “Fingers crossed.”  Fuji Rock Festival is their dream event.

As we reached the end of the questions I asked if there was anything else they wanted to say and here’s Sophie’s answer: “We have been so well looked after [here in the UK]. Everyone has been so lovely, can’t wait to come back.”

Check out the Daria-inspired music video for ‘Teeth’ below.


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