This Week in Live-Streams (27/07/20)


It is that time again – where we give you the rundown of all of the exciting and interesting talent that can be streamed right to your home. This week, we are highlighting US artists and a Finnish artist who are diverse in their subject matter and composition of music choice. So without further ado…

Who? Ticketmaster Homecoming: At Home With Christian French
When? Tuesday 28th 6pm (BST)
Where? Facebook
Why? Although not well known in the UK, 21-year-old singer/songwriter Christian French is climbing the charts in the US. He began his music career posting acoustic covers on SoundCloud in high school and only in 2019 did he begin to release studio albums. Prior to this, his first single “Fall For You” hit 5 million streams, thus earning him a spot on the US Viral 50 chart on Spotify. For a young performer, he has so much talent – he can write his own music, sing incredibly well… I wonder if he can dance well? Only one way to find out!

Who? Lonnie Holley
When? Wednesday 29th 11pm (BST)
Where? Instagram
Why? For all our blues fans out there, Lonnie Holley should be a familiar face to you. Known predominantly for his sculptures and visual art, Holley is no stranger to experimenting with his music too. From stories about love and loss, to celebrating his African American roots. ‘Sometimes I Wanna Dance’ is such a beautiful song and will hopefully be making an appearance in his set this Wednesday.

Who? Code Orange
When? Thursday 11.59pm (BST)
Where? Twitch
Why? This will definitely satisfy those of you who are metal fans or into your hardcore punk music. Fronted by Reba Meyers, this band is definitely paving the way for women fronted bands in what is often considered a male dominated scene. A lot of distortion is going on in their songs but Meyers is able to hold her own as she sings the melody lines in major hits such as ‘Underneath’, ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ and ‘The Mud’. This will be an interesting set to stream because the band is heavy sounding – will they continue to be or will they go acoustic for their stream? Although curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back – so why not tune in and find out?

Who? Ticketmaster Homecoming: At Home With Tomi Saario
When? Saturday 1st, 6pm (BST)
Where? Facebook
Why? New kid on the block, Tomi Saario is an incredible Finnish artist who no doubt will be taking over the world in years to come. He only released his debut album at the start of 2020 and is so catchy, you will catch yourself singing them randomly. Surprisingly, it was not until he was 17 that he wrote his 1st song! However, he has been around music pretty much since he was a child. He cites blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn as an influence as well as John Mayer and D’Angelo as major influences. If you want a chill, easy listening performance, look no further.


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