Preview: Meadows in the Mountains Festival, Bulgaria


Meadows in the Mountains is entirely unlike any other festival. It stands in opposition to the commercialised, major festivals that we all get used to. This extraordinary alternative festival is set atop the Rhodop mountains in Bulgaria, surrounded by beautiful flowering meadows and waterfalls – this is nothing less than party paradise. There’s a reason it’s in the top 5 in “The Weird, Wonderful, Worldwide Festival Rankings!

Meadows in the Mountains is what festivals like Wilderness and Secret Garden Party aspire to be like – but completely devoid of the commercialism and the faux-artisan vibe, and a world away from the urban jungle, this is a completely authentic experience. Now in its fourth year in an exceptionally striking landscape, you can dance until the sun rises (and then some more), frolic in the meadows, play in waterfalls – and as it is situated right on the border, you can even take an excursion to the Greek islands!

You may not recognise many of the bands on the line-up, but you can familiarise  yourself with what will be the soundtrack to your psychedelic and transcendent experience with some of the best unsigned, underground bands covering a mix of dance, disco, jazz and house on their SoundCloud, to get in the escapist mood.

And to make it an even more unique experience, if you don’t fancy camping, the lovely locals of the surrounding village offer up their houses for you to stay over with your friends (the ones you came with, or the new ones you’re bound to make) with beds and showers for as little as £11 a night for shared rooms. To top it all off –  you even get to ride a horse and cart from the village to the festival site.

The usual greasy festival food will be nowhere in sight, instead a delicious and wholesome range of locally sourced fresh food is available. Lager on tap will not be available in this haven, but you can indulge on Bulgaria’s own finest brews, local wines and mountain spirits.

And the great thing is – as Bulgaria has not yet converted to the euro, the festival itself is extremely affordable at £100 – not bad for a life-altering, mind-expanding experience. But to maintain its intimate vibe there are only 600 tickets available – so get yours quick if you want to get in on the magic!

So after your exams are over and you need a change in your life – why not grab your backpack, hop on a plane to Sofia, and lose yourself in the mystical mountainside of Bulgaria?

Meadows in the Mountains Festival takes place from 13th-15th June. Tickets are available here.


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