Preview: Dan Croll at Village Underground (05/10/16)


Indie singer Dan Croll has emerged back onto the scene after a year of riding high on the success of 2014 album Sweet Disarray, with a new song from his upcoming LP ‘One of Us’.

‘Swim’, which was played for the first time as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World for Weds 24th August, feels more laidback – the hangover song for the night after the party in track ‘One of Us’. Still containing more electronic components than previous tracks and the new addition of female vocals, this song features a syncopated beat that makes for instant grooving.

His track ‘One of Us’ that was released last October features a mix of surfery, psychadelic guitars layered on top of hardcore strums, with 90’s American-esque sneering in the verses and softer, echoey vocals during the chorus. You can hear Tame Impala-style electronic flutterings that dive into a guitar solo that wouldn’t sound out of place in an early Black Sabbath song. The overall effect is intriguing to say the least, leaving fans of previous delicate songs astounded at the change but still pleased with the easy singalong ability. It’s a perfect summer tune for thrashing about to, the soundtrack to adventures with mates.

As well as partaking in the Communion Music 10th Birthday shindig with a whole host of other brilliant names, (get excited for that event over here) Dan has announced a show of his very ownsome on the 5th October at Village Underground in Shoreditch. Here die hard fans will have a chance to see the man in his element again, as anyone who has witnessed Dan perform instantly appreciates his joy for making live music. His talent for creating the catchiest, happiest songs about is something a bit special and definitely worth watching

At £13.20 including booking fee, tickets are an absolute steal and come highly anticipated. You can buy them here and listen back to Swim on Annie Mac’s show here.


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