Preview: Hinds at Engine Rooms, Southampton


Next week, on Wednesday the 21st November, Hinds are playing at Engine Rooms in Southampton in what promises to be a fun and refreshing gig.

The Spanish quartet released their debut record Leave Me Alone in 2016 which saw them depart on a promising musical journey as they immediately distinguished themselves with their beautifully unique interpretation of garage rock. Hinds returned this year in April with their second album I Don’t Run which didn’t fail to woo us again with its endearing charm and lyrics depicting the raw emotional messiness of love, without being your usual and sometimes banal love song.

Last month, the band did a surprise release of a new bubbly single called ‘British Mind’, which was inspired by British people’s “obsession” with the sun and how it is linked to wellbeing. This is something they noticed after touring in the UK earlier in the year. The song is about feeling at “home everywhere and nowhere in the world at the same time”, which they experience – especially when touring and being on the road for such long amounts of time. In this song and in their lyrics in general, they talk about being empowered and active women and not being left or perceived as a “passive personage”. With this musical genre dominated by men, Hinds sure acts as a breath of fresh air and something new and exciting for the garage scene.

Hinds show such passion when performing it’s almost palpable; you can’t help but embrace the peppiness and sass the quartet release in the room. It’s quite contagious, actually! Yet their music has everyone chilled and swaying to the rhythm throughout.

Their UK and Europe tour kicked off last week in Lisbon and they will be performing all over the UK, their music being particularly appreciated here, before heading off to the rest of Europe for another month. Hinds are definitely the kind of band you can go and see to get that laid back and care-free feeling for the night, and I just can’t wait for that.

Check out the music video for ‘British Mind’ below and buy your tickets here.


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