Preview: Ida Mae at Vinilo, Southampton


Ida Mae can sometimes feel like a band of contradictions: the couple are British but play American Roots music, they rely on old-school recording processes but produce futuristic sounds with instruments such as Juno synthesisers, and throughout their music career they’ve moved from alt-rock to blues but they still play with bands like Greta Van Fleet. They are unpredictable, and that’s what makes them so exciting.

The indie duo, made up of husband and wife Chris Turpin and Stephanie June, have made their eclectic style work for them. In an interview with Billboard, Turpin revealed that the move in their musical style signalled a move away from commercial record expectations. He said: ‘There’s no thoughts about radio, what’s gonna work anywhere. We’re focussed in on exactly what we want to make.’ This lends the band an authenticity that is frankly charming, and such charm plays a big part in their live performances.

Intimacy is something that can always be expected from an Ida Mae gig, and more personal venues match their energy perfectly. Their upcoming gig in Vinilo, Southampton, is sure to be a great example of what the band can do. The independent vinyl-only shop opened in 2017 and is any indie-lovers paradise. Surrounded by old and new records, in an independent and close venue, Ida Mae will have the chance to show off their raw and authentic sound. If you’re a fan of old-school blues, new-school alt-rock, or anything just a little bit different, then this is a gig you’ll want to check out.

Ida Mae will be releasing their debut album Chasing Lights on June 7th via Thirty Tigers. They will be performing at Vinilo, Southampton, on the 3rd of July. Tickets can be purchased here.


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