Preview: Amber Run at The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth


Amber Run are due to perform at one of Bournemouth’s best venues, The Old Fire Station, on October 17th and it is definitely not something you want to miss.

Their newest release Philophobia is nothing short of perfection, however this was expected due to the excellence of their previous records For a Moment, I Was Lost and 5AM. It’s safe to say that over the course of their musical career Amber Run have certainly progressed in terms of their sound and noise, with more recent albums possessing edgier, louder vibes.

Their tour this month follows the release of Philophobia, which I’m certain will sound even more beautiful and powerful live than on the record, due to the sheer variety of sounds this album has to offer. The calming, softness of ‘Worship’ is bound to tempt tears to your eyes, whilst the powerful vocals and lively guitars of ‘Neon Circus’ will definitely be incredibly energetic live. Alongside the perfect tunes from Philophobia, the band are bound to play some of their most popular songs, like ‘5AM’ and ‘I Found’ (which is always a tear-jerker at the end of a show).

If emotively beautiful sounds and poignant lyrics are of any interest to you, then you most definitely need to make your way to Amber Run’s show on October 17th at The Old Fire Station. Tickets are available here


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