Preview: HMLTD at Heartbreakers, Southampton


After releasing new single ‘Loaded’, HMLTD are touring around the UK and will be coming to Heartbreakers on the 17th of October.

HMLTD are a fresh punk band who have gained wide popularity for their unique sound. They are renouned for their energetic live performances which feature an experimental yet pleasing musical performance. Their music is evidently a result of great talent, and their guitar music is refreshing and individual. Each member holds a widely appreciated aesthetic, which is comparable to androgynous icons such as David Bowie. Every show they do is known to be highly energetic, and always easily enlivens and pleases their audiences.

If you have the chance, go to see them at Heartbreakers next Thursday, as you will be able to experience this band’s high talent up close.

Tickets are available here. Take a look at their new music video below. 


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