Preview: Southampton Comedy Society’s ‘The Big Online Hobbit’


Everyone can do with a bit of a laugh now and then, now more than ever in this weird and strange situation that the world has found itself in. Southampton Comedy Society have proven time and time again that they can put on a good show, and I for one am massively excited for their decision to keep performing albeit in a more socially-distant way.

Tonight at 7:30pm, a selection of performers, from comedians to musicians, will be putting on an online show via Youtube and Facebook, replacing what would usually be their comedy night at The Hobbit (now obviously impossible due to our friend Miss Rona). From improv to routines to ridiculous sketches, I’m certain that the team are going to put on a brilliant show, just as they have many times before. Just because we’re all separated, and some of us far from dear ol’ Southampton, at the moment doesn’t mean that we can’t still have a good time with some top quality University of Southampton produced entertainment. As they say themselves in their announcement post, you may as well come along, as ‘what else have you got to be doing?’.

To find out more, head to their page on Facebook.


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