Reverend and the Makers at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (12/03/2014)


Reverend and the Makers played the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth on Wednesday 12th March. And what a gig it was. A packed venue with an eclectic group of people was treated to a gig of great quality with Jon McClure once again showing what a great frontman he is.

The band were supported superbly by Liberty ship, a four man band from Sheffield. Having never heard of them before, this acoustic-rock band, who all looked no older than 18, played upbeat tunes and impressed everyone present. A band I would certainly go and see again.

Frontman John McClure got the crowd going from the moment he hit the stage. A bundle of energy, McClure expertly got the crowd jumping around to the bands classic rock sound.  He talked frankly and was obviously adored by his fans. Every person was jumping around as McClure proved again what a great frontman he really is. Even those who obviously normally stood at the back on a gig and watched couldn’t resist the bands incredible energy levels and were dancing and singing from the start.

The energy and music was fantastic, with the crowd continually being roused by McClure and his band. Tracks like Deatonator were a mash of classic rock with 2013 dance music, but the crowd loved every note that came off the stage. Influences from ska, rock with hints of modern music made the evening such an enjoyable one. ‘Heavyweight champion of the world’ and ‘He said he loved me’ were a massive success with large portions of the crowd singing along to every word.

McClure also proved once again his obvious distain for rules, and took the crowd outside for his encore. The police, knowing McClure’s reputation, were already sitting outside they venue. This did not stop McClure, who took the crowd round the corner. His reputation has preceeded him and lead to a very messy end to what had been an absolutely fantastic gig.

Reverend and the makers are an incredible band. They hae not received the credit they deserve. They have had one big single with ‘Heavyweight Champoin of the World’, but deserve so much more. Their loyal army of fans is only growing, and it is only right that this continues to happen. Go and buy tickets to see them now. Don’t wait. It is a gig you certainly will never forget.


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