Review: Everlong at Lennons, Southampton


Alternative-rock band Everlong formed back in 2007 when the band were fledglings in Year Seven and adorned classic ‘emo’ hair enabling them to hide their cute baby faces.

Fast forward eight years and the boys graced the Lennons stage last Thursday as a part of Mirrorman Productions’ event which showcases the best of what the local rock scene in Southampton has to offer. Although no strangers to the stage, this show and one earlier this January in Winchester, form a string of comeback performances Everlong have committed to this year. Complete with new material and new haircuts, Everlong brought energy and style to the small venue and proved they are definitely ones to watch.

Everlong followed another alternative-screamo band, Plastic Minds, who even managed to begin a mosh pit that the lead singer frequently joined in with, setting the vigorous tone which was to last the entire evening. Succeeding Plastic Minds, Everlong continued to provide an animated and crowd-pleasing show, especially when their cover of Don Brocco’s ‘Priorities’ made a surprise appearance midway through their set, allowing even more audience participation. Even though the boys were confined to a short half hour set, they did not waste it, cramming 5 of their own tracks, co-written by talented guitarist Matt Mason (second year Biomed student at the University of Southampton) and the rest of the band. Cheeky-chappy lead singer Himoonga Muloongo (first year Marine Biology student also at the University of Southampton) provided entertainment beyond his impressive vocals between songs, but promised not to tell any jokes, and worked seamlessly with the rest of the musically gifted band – made up of bassist Samuel McKenzie and drummer James Bratby.

After Everlong came Castafiore, who describe their sound on Facebook as “psychedelic indie stoner garage rock”, which was not far from an accurate description. They rounded off the evening nicely maintaining the upbeat succinct vibe which had prevailed throughout, leaving the departing audience eager to hear what is next instore for these three local artists.


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