Review: Three Days Grace w/ Bad Wolves at The Pyramids Centre, Southsea


Three Days Grace have gone from strength to strength with each album that they have released. With latest album Outsider blending their traditional sound with electronic influences, I wonder how it would sound live...

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I underestimated just how awesome this was going to be. When you think of The Pyramids Centre in Southsea you think of swimming, not an incredible and intimate concert venue! However, Bad Wolves and Three Days Grace gave an energetic and grand performance which will forever be something I was blessed to see.

For a warm up act, Bad Wolves did not fail to deliver on talent. the US rock band who emerged as the number 1 breakout act globally this year had never been to the UK and I was unsure at first how the crowd would take to them. Nonetheless, they got everyone pumped with their melodic guitar riffs, complex drum patterns and vocal talent – no wonder vocalist Tommy Vext was chosen to replace Five Finger Death Punch. There is no doubt that he is talented, but as a band, they made magic.

Bad Wolves treated fans to songs from their debut album Disobey (#22 on the Billboard Top 200 in the US and #1 on the Official Rock & Metal charts in the UK) as well as their cover of The Cranberries’ ‘Zombie’, released in honour of the late Dolores O’Riordan. It must be highlighted that this cover raised so much money (approximately $250,000), of which all proceeds were donated to O’Riordan’s four children. They were able to make the song their own and unite fans to sing as one in honour of O’Riordan; the band certainly did the song justice. Regarding their own songs, I can see why they are quickly becoming a huge success across the globe; watch out Europe, be prepared to have your socks blown off!

With such an incredible ending to Bad Wolves’ set, it was going to be tough for Three Days Grace to top it, but they gave Bad Wolves a run for their money. Kicking off strong with ‘The Mountain’, the crowd was buzzing and the mosh pits a-blazing. Of course, throughout the course of the night, there were mosh pits galore, but that’s a part of the experience! Seeing others sing along to their songs is something that words cannot describe – different people all united to sing and appreciate a band that I hold dear to me, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Furthermore, their recent album Outsider really captures what it is like to feel alone but conversely by the gig selling out, it shows that none of their fans are truly alone. For a band who has been together for longer than I have been alive and to still create music which is relevant to different generations is a wonderful gift that Three Days Grace possess.

As much as Outsider upholds Three Days Grace’s distinct sound, the album is a progression for them. According to bassist Brad Walst, lead vocalist Matt Walst showed “a new level of confidence and brought a ton of ideas”. Likewise, drummer Neil Sanderson expanded his signature electronic palette by assimilating analogue synths and standout programming. Sanderson also highlights that his electronic influences are as diverse as Nine Inch Nails to Lana Del Rey and the film score for The Lost Boys.

With a balance in their song choices for the set list, they pleased old and new fans alike. With throwbacks such as ‘This Animal I have Become’, ‘Pain’ and ‘I Hate Everything About You’ to their fourteenth number 1 on the Billboard’s Top Rock Chart ‘Infer-Red’, the evening served as the perfect first gig experience for a friend, with the both of us absolutely adoring the show and eager to see them again.

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