Review: Muncie Girls w/ The Hard Aches at The Joiners, Southampton

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Muncie Girls performed live at The Joiners with their new album 'Fixed Ideals' alongside support act The Hard Aches.

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As a first timer at The Joiners and having never heard of the bands on the setlist, I headed out for the night with nothing but a love for indie rock and no idea what I was doing. The bands performed on a bare stage; it was enjoyable knowing you couldn’t assume what was going to come on next.

Whilst Muncie Girls were practically a stone’s throw away from their hometown Exeter, their support act The Hard Aches had travelled all the way from Adelaide, Australia. It was the last night of their tour together and you could tell that all members were a little bit exhausted and a little bit heartbroken. Both bands played with so much feeling it radiated throughout the audience.

Listening to The Hard Aches was an experience in itself. Lead singer Ben had a charmingly powerful voice that got everyone chanting, singing and stomping along to all their best bits, especially when they played their greatest and most well-known song ‘I Get Like This’.

Before their set was through, the lead singer of Muncie Girls, Lande, was welcomed to the stage by Ben for a final collaboration between them with the duet ‘Happy’. It was the sort of heartfelt piece that you should only experience live; their combined sounds blended the two genres of indie and rock in a way that I had certainly not experienced in a long time.

Welcomed with a cheer, Muncie Girls jumped on stage performing their classics as well as introducing the audience to their latest album Fixed Ideals. A sterling set which brought us everything needed for a good night out – including bubbles that floated over the heads of the crowd during their song ‘Bubble Bath’.

Lande Hekt’s writing brings together thoughts on politics, mental health, self-awareness and the discontent that comes from every tired young adult needing to feel a little more understood. While still trying to find their feet, this band suits the intimate and welcoming scenes of venues like The Joiners. However, you cannot deny they are rising through the ranks. Muncie Girls’ first LP ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ was nominated for best British newcomer at the Karrang! Music Awards that year, and they’ve been travelling the world with their unique and dynamic music ever since.

Muncie Girls are now taking their tour around the world. Check out the music video for their single ‘Picture of Health’ below.


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