Review: Husky Loops at The Joiners

Confusingly mesmerising

The Italian trio provided a spectacular visual show, consisting of different projected visuals for each and every song on the setlist. This was partnered with catchy anthems and groovy basslines for anthems like 'Daft' and 'Tempo'.

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Husky Loops are a formidable trio of three young Italians. Their blend of quintessential indie and out-right ludicrous synthetic effects makes for an intriguing live show. Fresh from having their latest release ‘Everytime I Run’ featured on the latest FIFA instalment, Husky Loops embarked on a UK tour which has taken them to Southampton for the first time.

After a relatively poor mis-match of support acts, it was time for Husky Loops to take to the stage. People around me started to notice a projector overhead poised and ready to project who-knows-what onto a draped screen positioned behind drummer Danio. The intro music faded and soon the Italian trio exploded into ‘Good as Gold’. It was clear that there was a variety of fans in attendance, some were already jumping around, others looking more intrigued than others. Up next was time for a crowd favourite ’20 Blanks’. The first notes of the track played alongside the familiar chants of “20!” The light show was something I had never seen at The Joiners; a creative blend of blank bullets falling on a black backdrop was being projected throughout the majority of the song with bright yellow lights flashing in almost perfect synchrony with the beat.

The impressive visual show continued through the next few tracks which featured an uber-catchy new song just before the riff-centred, bass-heavy ‘Fighting Myself’ was blasted into the crowd’s eardrums, inciting a deserved mini mosh pit.

Things then slowed down for another fan favourite in ‘When I Come Home’. Again, coupled with a mesmerising visual show combining creative artwork and flashing lights. This was a standout song for me; it was the first time in the evening that I felt like I was watching a proper indie band on stage. Little to no synthetic effects, just clean guitars, a steady beat and a groovy bassline. The song was well received and had the crowd singing through its entirety.

Husky Loops cannot be pigeon-holed and they like it that way. This was evident with their track ‘Daft’ which was probably more reminiscent of 90s hip-hop mixed with Brockhampton. The deep bass had the majority of The Joiners bouncing and dancing along. Soon after came huge-hit in ‘Tempo’. The scratchy synths and over-driven guitar choruses made for an energetic performance by the Bologna-bred band.

Eventually it was time for the hard-hitting debut single ‘Dead’ which was released by the band back in 2016. The song takes on a much more grittier and alt-rock feel in comparison to the other songs on offer on the night. Guitarist Pietro seemingly not missing a single note throughout. The band finished the song and let their instruments ring out as they disembarked the infamous Joiners stage, but we knew they weren’t really done yet. After cheers of “Husky Loops” were carried around the venue, the band promptly ventured back onto stage. There was very minimal interaction between band and crowd tonight and this remained after coming back for an encore. Instantly the recognisable drum intro for ‘Everytime I Run’ rang out and everybody was lively again. All around me were smiles and bopping heads. The repetitive yet catchy chorus of “Everytime I run, I get stuck in the sun,” ringing out throughout the voices of the half-packed Joiners.

Overall, Husky Loops impressed with their mesmerising audio-visual performance. It is hard to believe that all of the sounds and visuals we see and hear on stage come from pedals used by the band live. The trio proved why it’s impossible to pigeonhole their band and I am excited to see what is next for the boys. The potential is there for sure and I cannot wait to hopefully see them again.

You can hear Husky Loops’ newest single ‘Everytime I Run’ below.


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