Review: Puppy at The Joiners, Southampton


Puppy did not disappoint. Their set contained a pleasing number of new and old songs that complimented the night well and whipped the crowd into chaos.

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Puppy failed to disappoint with their latest showdown in Southampton.

The three-piece heavy-rockers began the evening with monster-riff ‘Entombed’ which set the tone for the rest of the evening. Only a song later and eardrums were being blown by huge hit ‘The Great Beyond which had even the sound engineer moving. By this point in the set it was clear Puppy weren’t here to play, they came here to put a show on for the Southampton mosh fans and we felt it.

Not too much later and ‘Black Hole’ from the debut album The Goat was being played and the fans were loving it. Frontman Jock is a man of few words. Instead he allowed the music to do most of the talking, rarely stopping aside from a remark here and there.

Puppy closed the show with three huge songs in ‘Arabella’, ‘Demons’ and ‘Forever’, giving the fans their last opportunity to join in the chaos that was already emerging in the centre of the 200-capacity Joiners.

It was a triumphant return to Southampton for Puppy and I am excited to see what is next for the rockers.

You can hear Puppy’s ‘World Stands Still from their debut album The Goat below:


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