Review: Body Type at Heartbreakers, Southampton


The only crime was that there weren't enough people there.

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Heartbreakers is a great small venue. The reverb echoes through the floor and up through your body, giving each song a bigger impact. For scuzz rock band Body Type, the venue was a good fit for their electrifying sound even though it wasn’t filled to the brim.

The members of Body Type are undeniably rock stars. Their infectious energy and talent is a testament to the fact. Their group dynamic is unlike anything I’ve seen before. They started songs facing away from the crowd and huddled together in a group before breaking apart and rocking the stage. Body Type gave an energetic and engaging performance. Though the crowd was small, I felt like I was at a much larger event, with Body Type delivering a high-class performance that was deserving of a bigger audience (to be fair, the Eurovision Song Contest final was on that night). Almost no discernible difference between studio and live, the band performed impeccably despite this being their fourth show in a row and them all feeling under the weather.

Starting off with their song ‘Teeth’, the drumbeat – provided by drummer Cecil Coleman – was the perfect start to their set, reviving the audience. Their sound is hypnotic and smooth, proven by how they flawlessly transitioned to the next song, ‘UMA’. Their sound is distinct and is evident in their songs. Performing most of their discography during the night, switching from more rock-inspired songs such as ‘Stingray’ to dreamier songs like ‘Insomnia’, they ended the evening with the mind-boggling ‘Palms’, which featured layers of overlapping vocals.

McComish and Annabel Blackman showcase an interesting contrast while performing. McComish is highly dynamic onstage, hips swaying, foot tapping, head banging and dancing. Conversely, Blackman is steady onstage and adds a softer edge to their “spiky” music (as described by Blackman herself). There was also a great performance from bassist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, with vocals that stood out especially in the song ‘UMA’ while playing bass brilliantly all night.

At the beginning of the night, the crowd was scattered to the four corners of the venue. By the end, everyone was brought together, close to the stage and dancing and just having a good time. McComish leaving the stage to play on the dance floor was a highlight of the evening.

Body Type is an incredible headlining act and it was a pleasure to see them in such an intimate venue. They can change the atmosphere of a venue and bring everyone closer together while delivering powerful stories through song. A band that can laugh and have fun together equates to a gig that you can feel free to let loose at. Their sound can transport you to the ’90s or the near future as we anticipate their full album.

If you’re headed on a trip down under, Body Type will be performing in Australia during June-July on their hometown tour. But before you jump on a plane, I’d encourage you to have a listen to both EPs available to stream in the comfort of your own home and anticipate their return to the UK.

The music video for Body Type’s newest single ‘UMA’ can be found below.


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