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Buds. never fail at putting on an amazing set full of energetic punk anthems.

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Buds. put on a loud and roaring performance last weekend at Suburbia, it was a great show full of fiery punk songs that got the audience boogying. Having only been a band for a year this performance was really impressive and gave a glimpse of what is in the future for Buds.. A key moment was their performance of ‘Bigger Fish’ – which made the static crowd start jumping around. However, a personal favourite of mine is ‘Building Blocks’, as it slowed the pace of the night down a little with its slow introduction, but once that chorus hit you couldn’t stop moving. They finished their set with ‘Building Blocks’, which is a song in that I had heard over a year ago and could not remember who it was by or where I had heard it but once seeing them perform I realised that they were that amazing band I had seen accidently seen at The Catalina Wine Mixer at The Joiners. A band I literally couldn’t find for ages but had stayed in my mind since. Their performances are so powerful and full of energy it is hard to forget.

They regularly interacted with the audience and even had amazing catchphrases like “let’s all get strong and stable like the Conservatives would want”, this was to encourage the crowd to come closer and start a mosh pit before their epic track ‘Big Brother’ came on. The energy of the band was amazing, specifically their guitarist Sonny who at one point was wearing a cowboy hat whilst jumping around the tiny stage.

Suburbia, as a small venue, made the perfect scene for this night of great live music, throughout Buds. set there was funky pink, purple and blue lights which made for a perfect backdrop for Buds.’s pop punk enthused performance. There was also a cut static TV with Buds. name written on it and was a pretty cool way to promote the band. Not only did they have the TV, but throughout their set they shamelessly plugged their merchandise and EP which takes pure talent, had me nearly giving all my money to have some funky new T-Shirts.

The night was amazing and for such a small band they truly took Suburbia by storm and are a band you should definitely check out if you love roaring and energetic live music. It was definitely a night worth remembering and for sure made a rainy Saturday seem awfully sunny.

Buds. are next in Southampton on 1st May, get your tickets here!


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