Review: The Vivienne and Baga Chipz at The 1865 (28/09/2020)


The Vivienne and Baga Chipz slayed the night away at The 1865.

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Before I get started, all my predictions for the show were correct. Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher made an appearance, there was many (many) and I mean MANY digs that weren’t so subtle on the queen of a red wig and silver dress, Davina De Campo. Also, The Vivienne sang ‘Walking in Memphis’ call me a mind reader or someone who has seen The Vivienne and Baga Chipz perform too many times.

But let’s get right into it, the night started with the pair duetting to ‘I Got You Babe’ by Cher and Sonny Bono. The Vivienne was dressed as Cher and had a stunning Cher impersonation, it almost made up for the time I missed seeing Cher live, whilst Baga dressed as Sonny Bono and changed the lyrics to talk about her meaty tuck and everything you can expect from Baga.

The Vivienne was superb as she joked with the audience and was truly showing us why she is the winner of UK’s drag race, her drag was on point, her comedic skills and crowd interaction were stellar and on top of that she sang Cher. I couldn’t have asked for more. The Vivienne is incredibly talented and even though she spent 10 minutes talking to the audience, I couldn’t help but laugh and have a great time.

Baga Chipz on the other hand was a bit tipsy, she defiantly had too many jaegers at the bar, but she still continued to perform which was impressive for the state she was in. Baga’s top moment had to be when she sang ‘Whole Again’ by Atomic Kitten and changed the lyrics to “you can lick my whole again”. Her performance was absolute filth, full of sexual innuendos and everything that is British drag. Though, her singing sounded more like a drunk mum who had to many rounds at Karaoke it was a right laugh seeing her have a great time cracking jokes (that sometimes flopped) and singing onstage.

The two proved how professional they were when a man, who obviously had too much to drink, tried to get onstage (which isn’t allowed with social distancing measures) and kept interrupting their set with comments that thankfully I couldn’t hear from where I was seated. Security were getting ready to kick the man out, however The Vivienne proved she was a pro as she asked to handle the situation by telling the fella he is ruining it for everyone if he doesn’t sit down and let the show continue. The Vivienne shut him down to the point he must have been bloody terrified to make another move again. The way they handled this situation was superb and something that they should get a lot of credit for.

Overall, it was a fantastic night of drag. A night I will remember, I personally loved the new set up for this show, drag is a mixture of comedy, live music and a community and sitting down fit perfectly with all the above. I had a great time and if you have the change I would recommend seeing them on tour.



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