University LPs prove profitable for Oxfam


The partnership between the University of Southampton and local Oxfam groups has proved particularly profitable when it comes to music LPs.

The rare and high-end LPs were donated earlier this year by the Hartley Library team, who gave hundreds of the classic disks to Oxfam, who in turn spent a long time cleaning, polishing and restoring them to a pristine and sellable condition. Johanna Martzy’s Schubert Recital Sonatinas No. 1 & 2 1st Edition and Ravel Piano Concerto in for D Minor In The Left Hand between them made £800 for the charity alone.

Credit: Image via Oxfam.

Credit: Image via Oxfam.

Shop manager Rob Milner commented on the partnership, saying: “Everything we sell has a chance on the shop floor and only if we can’t get a fair price to us would we consider putting it online. We always try to have that balance of being fair to the beneficiary, fair to the donor and fair to the customer. We wouldn’t claim to get it right every single time but we have certainly improved, especially when it comes to assessing the condition of vinyl.”

The shop has an upcoming fundraiser, with support yet again coming from the University of Southampton. The society for Alternative and Indie music (AIM) has sponsored, curated and will fundraise for an Oxjam gig where all of the door takings will go to Oxfam’s refugee appeal. “We have a really welcoming group” said Joe Hayward, president of the society. “We can’t wait to get everyone together again for the gig.”

For more information on either topic, please contact either:  Rob Milner – 023 8023 6581 (oxfam music) or 7724510892 or  Joe Hayward 07456047377.


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