Nostalgic News: 1989 by Taylor Swift was released 5 years ago


Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with. In the music industry she has become known for her formidable approach to songwriting, giving us just enough pieces of the puzzle to be able to work out who each song is about. The 1989 era seems to be the one in which she truly comes into her element in this respect.

The punchy lead single, ‘Shake It Off’, immediately told us that she was not to be underestimated, challenging media misconceptions of her and repeating the famous mantra of ‘haters gonna hate’. This continued in the follow up single, ‘Blank Space’, which once again parodied the tabloid interest in her relationships, and the idea of having ‘a long list of ex-lovers/ they’ll tell you I’m insane’. There were seven singles in total from this album, and each one of them became a big hit – we had the subtly named ‘Style’, and then ‘Bad Blood’ accompanied by that infamous girl squad video, seemingly addressing her feud with Katy Perry (which, of course, was ended earlier this year in the ‘You Need To Calm Down’ video). ‘New Romantics’, the final single from the deluxe edition of the album, is frequently deemed her best song to date in online lists.

Fans and critics alike often look back on this album as being the greatest of her career so far, firmly establishing her place as one of the most talented pop musicians in the world. That being said, the follow up to this album, Reputation, could also be a contender for this accolade, and more recently Lover has been very popular among fans too.

It all goes to show, there’s just no stopping Taylor Swift.

Watch the video for ‘Shake It Off’ below:


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