SoCo Music Project and GO! Southampton Join Together for ‘Busking in Southampton’


SoCo Music Project has teamed up with Go! Southampton to provide local artists and bands with a series of paid “busking” performances in the city centre in aid of the city’s recovery from Covid-19. Running from August bank holiday up until the end of January, the event has been established in the hope of “supporting artists at a time when venues are unable to programme shows” and to help animate the city centre and bring “performances to new audiences”.

SoCo Music Project was set up in 2008 and has been “delivering engaging and inspirational music making activities” since when they were first established. Supporting musicians whether it’s “recording tracks at professional studios” or showcasing artists’ talents, the SoCo Music Project has played a big part in trying to help new and emerging local talent as well as supporting established groups. Their support for the local music industry has helped many local musicians and the ‘Busking in Southampton’ is only their next step in doing so.

Currently, the group are looking for local performers around the city and surrounding areas to help with the ‘Busking in Southampton’ project, offering them a platform within the city centre to help elevate the musicians and performers during this unprecedented time. Not only will this help elevate performers at such trying times, but will also help keep Southampton’s upcoming and usually thriving arts scene still prevalent despite the current pandemic. Trying to source various talents from music, theatre, dance and indie; SoCo Music Project had put out into circulation a form that performers can fill out in a bid to receive one of the four weekly slots and we’ve included a link to the form that you can access by clicking here.

Giving a unique opportunity for performers to continue doing what they love most, it’s a great opportunity that’s too important to pass up.

You can find out more about SoCo Music Project by clicking here or watch their promotional video below:




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