Nostalgic News: Corpse Bride was released 15 years ago (15/09)


Stop-motion animation. Monumental musical numbers. A corpse bride. What more could you ask for from Tim Burton’s 2005 fantasy treasure?

The film, led by Johnny Depp as leading man Victor and Helena Bonham Carter as the titular zombie Emily, quickly became a classic for its typical Tim Burton animation style and dark themes. Corpse Bride truly pushed the limit of what we expect from animation – gone is the idea that animation must be cartoonishly cheerful, paving the way for a new generation of gothic animation that blurs the boundaries of PG movies, offering viewers a new aesthetic that’s as appealing for children as it is for adults.

15 years, on Corpse Bride is as much of a Halloween classic now as it was when it was first released, although you can enjoy it’s gothic aesthetic and musical excellence at any time of the year.

Watch the Corpse Bride trailer below: 


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