Introducing: Denouement Magazine; a Creative Platform for POC Voices


Denouement magazine is a new creative platform that is created by and for people of colour who write fiction regardless of any experience. It is a safe place to allow creative ideas and visions to flow with the back-up of a great community.

Editor and founder, Amandeep Paul has stated Denouement’s mission is to encourage men, women and non-binary people to tap into their creative side and be proud of their voices.

She noted, “a lot of people of colour at university tend to lean more towards STEM subjects rather than humanities but I want to show them it’s okay to be both. We shouldn’t have to choose between them”. This magazine holds an important place and raises the voices of people of colour, as Paul said people of colour deserve “a space where we can be angry, proud, sad, creative in any way we choose”.

When asking about her inspiration, Paul stated the platform came as an impulsive decision after seeing the success of her friend Halima Jibril’s magazine Ashamed, which is also a magazine for women and non-binary people of colour. It was also influenced by another friend of Paul’s, Ezra Woodger, who recently won a creative writing contest and work being noticed by a publishing company. The emergence and inspiration from both of her friends led Paul to create a platform which would allow people of colour to enter their work into a platform that focuses on the voices and experience of those who are often marginalised and silenced.

To get involved with Denouement Magazine, email [email protected]. They are currently looking for 5 staff writers and 2 editors, the deadline for applications is 15th October. Soon after submissions will be open for all people of colour who want to get involved with fiction writing. They are only looking for POC writers, but all editors can apply if they have previous experience. Writers only need to provide 2 pitches for either a short story, poem or a narrative piece.



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