Nostalgic News: Chicken Little was released 15 years ago


Released in 2005, Chicken Little was the 46th Disney animated feature film to be released. Making full use of humour to tell a story, Chicken Little is the perfect example of all that’s to love about Disney.

The film showcases exactly what its title says – the life of a little chicken. This little chicken, suitably names as Chicken Little, is hit in the head by what he assumes is a piece of sky. As he screams “the sky is falling!”, no one believes him, belittling his size throughout the film. That is until he ends up showing everyone where the piece of the sky came from – a UFO.

Chicken Little is unlike any other Disney film. Utilising one of the most random sets of plot points (chickens and UFOs), it’s randomness is what makes it a very memorable film. Also, its soundtrack is the Spice Girl’s iconic single ‘Wannabe’. Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Watch the trailer for Chicken Little below: 



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