Nostalgic News: Enrique Iglesias ‘Enrique Iglesias’ was released 25 years ago


King of Latin pop Enrique Iglesias released his debut album 25 years ago, and ever since then, he’s been stealing hearts of middle-aged mums everywhere, acquiring a reputation of the original heart-throb that was out there breaking hearts and bringing us absolute Latin bangers, what a man. But before romantic soppy ballad ‘Hero’ and party anthems ‘SUBEME LA RADIO’ and ‘El Perdon’ we first saw Enrique release a debut album that was worlds away and extremely different from the mainstream reggaeton and trap Latin songs we see him releasing now. It’s safe to say that the album is the epitome of Latin mellow bliss, every song starts with relaxed opening bars that exhibit his velvety smooth voice to no ends, just because it’s in another language it doesn’t mean you can’t vibe.

Many people might say ‘obviously what propelled him to the top charts is his good looks’ but this is the case far too often with pretty boys and Enrique, being a Spanish icon, falls down to this prejudice attitudes ten-fold. The debut album is one with light rock tones and soft pop ballads and bagging an Emmy for best Latin album, and he’s definitely not to be dismissed as a ‘pretty boy’.

Watch the video for Si Tu Te Vas’ below:


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