Nostalgic News: Curious George was released 15 years ago


Kids films are always enjoyable to watch as an adult as they hold a lot of nostalgia and fun. Oftentimes, though, they can prove dull or silly. Curious George is not one of these, with its lovely soundtrack and famous features.

Based on a book series by H. A. Rey and Margret Rey, Curious George was released 15 years ago and features Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore and Dick Van Dyke. It is exactly what the title suggests – a monkey called George causing nuisance and fun amongst every place he goes and every person he meets.

Jack Johnson fills the soundtrack with fun, loving tracks which parallel the fun scenes throughout the film. Though the animation isn’t top quality, and is not comparable to more recent animated films, as a 2006 kids adventure, comedy film, there’s really nothing to criticise.

If you still have not seen Curious George, its 15th anniversary is the perfect time to catch it! Watch the trailer below:


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