Nostalgic News: Hop was released 10 years ago


The genre of Easter films is quite limited. There aren’t many that spring to mind when thinking of the Spring holiday. Then, late at night when you’re not expecting it, a memory will emerge from the darkness, rising from a stone tomb. Fuzzy to begin with, the image will subside to reveal something you never could have imagined yourself: James Marsden with an animated Russel Brand on his shoulder.

The image itself comes from the proper Easter film, Hop, who is celebrating ten years since its release. Much like how I refuse to believe my own age, it’s extraordinary to imagine that Hop has reached its tin anniversary, but somehow it’s even more extraordinary to imagine there was ever a world without it.

The story is somewhat simple enough. The Easter Bunny is retiring and needs his son to take over from him. But Russel doesn’t want the job, so runs off and meets the human equivalent of himself in James Marsden. Together, they have to work for once, and together, to make Easter possible and save the island from the evil chicks. Classic.

There’s not much more to say apart from excellence. Time to rewatch James Marsden hurdling over hedges.

Check out the trailer for Hop below:


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